Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Porch Flooring

Designed for greater distances

Our T&G Microbevel design allows the wood to adjust to wet/dry cycles without cupping or scalloping. Our proprietary structural end match also allows you to span greater distances than traditional butt-end Porch Flooring. So why stop at 8' or 10'? Extend your porch as far as you dare, and do some real outdoor living.

Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Porch Flooring is offered in 6' to 12' long in 1' increments.

For full details & illustrations please view our 2022 Product Guide.

Learn more about Americana Porch, best practices, how to install it, plus care, maintenance, and expectations in our Porch Installation Guide.

Nominal Size Net Size Length Profiles Species GRADES
1 x 3 0.75" x 2.25" 6' to 12' long in 1' increments Tongue & Groove Square Edge
Tongue & Groove Microbevel
With or without Structural End Match
Thermally Modified Oak Prime Grade
1 x 4 0.75" x 3.50"
5/4 x 3 1.00" x 2.25"
5/4 x 4 1.00" x 3.50"

We highly recommend using stainless steel nails/screws for your Americana™ Projects. Stainless steel will not oxidize or rust over time, which means you don’t have to worry about the potential for unpleasant stains appearing on your Americana deck, siding or porch floor.


Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Decking is Real Wood for the Real World. That's it.
No injecting of toxic chemicals. No stew of oils, plastics, & resins. Nothing but pure, beautiful, natural Pennsylvania hardwood.

Eco Friendly

100% pure, natural wood, sustainably harvested from Pennsylvania's beautiful, vast forestland.

Low Maintenance

It's up to you! Either apply a UV protectant to maintain the exotic color, or let it silver naturally.

No Chemicals

Heat and steam...that's it. No plastic, oil, resin, wax, or additives. Americana is completely chemical-free and safe.

Premium Hardwood

This isn't your grandfather's pressure-treated pine, or your parents' plastic. It's the real deal: Oak & Poplar.

Exotic Appearance

Deep, luxurious brown with UV protectant or let the wood silver without. Simulated wood grain? Get real.

Easy Installation

Use off-the-shelf clips. Symmetrical profile. Structural end joint can be laid like flooring, suspended between joists.

Long Life

Class 1 durability. First class stability. This stuff isn't going anywhere.

Real Environmental Credentials

Imported species come from tropical rainforests. Americana keeps it local, ultra-low impact, and completely sustainable.

Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Porch Flooring

Performance Compared to Other Woods

We've seen how it performs. We believe in it. We want to influence the next generation of outdoor living to move away from man-made plastics, and embrace our local, healthy, prolific hardwood resource.

-- Americana™ Hardwood Pressure Treated Softwoods Composites Douglas Fir
Durability 25+ Years
Class 1
Varies (Up to 15 Years)
Class 2
20 Years
Class 1
10 Years
Class 4
Sustainable YES YES NO YES
Chemical Free YES NO NO YES
Hardness (Janka) 1400 690 1120 660
Fire Rating B C / D A / B B
Weight 40 lbs/cubic ft. 35 lbs/cubic ft. 60 lbs/cubic ft. 31 lbs/cubic ft.
Insect Resistance Good Good Good Poor