Thermal Modification

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Real Wood For The Real World

If you found us, you're probably looking for real wood. That's good. Wood grows back. Plastic doesn't. Now it's down to what kind. Tropical wood is pretty awesome, but it comes from overseas rainforests. That's a lot of carbon released, and the harvest is not always done properly.

Heat changes the wood. Steam keeps it stable & equalizes it to the outdoor environment. That's it. No injecting of toxic chemicals. No stew of oils, plastics, and resins. Nothing but pure, beautiful, natural Pennsylvania hardwood. You want a low carbon footprint? Then let's go negative: the wood harvesting process contributes only a minute fraction of the carbon sequestered by the wood itself. New growth of young trees take in that carbon, and then a whole lot more. Plus, our solar array more than doubly off-sets the energy used to transform the wood.

Because we're local, we don't have to transport the wood over the ocean. Drive through or fly over Pennsylvania. Take a look. You will see vast expanses of hardwood trees that almost twice out-grow the harvest every year. This is no slash-and-burn tropical rainforest. This is the very picture of health, vitality, sustainability, and beauty.


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