March 25th, 2020 COVID 19 UPDATE

Limited Production To Resume

We continue to monitor the latest updates and information about the COVID-19 pandemic, and we realize the situation and information remain fluid. Consistent with Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s recent directive, production and operations at Americana™ continue to operate in support of our customers whose businesses are deemed essential. As always, we are available to serve you and answer any questions. Please continue to check for updated information posted to both our website and social media.

Our Products

Thermally Modified Pennsylvania Ash, Oak, and Poplar.
Made in PA from forest to finish.

Naturally Different

From Forest to Finish

Americana™ is a new generation of Thermally Modified Pennsylvania Ash, Oak, and Poplar Decking, Siding and Porch Flooring, transformed by heat and steam, for long-lasting beauty in your outdoor living spaces. If you found us, you're probably looking for real wood. That's good. Wood grows back. Plastic doesn't. Now it's down to what kind. Tropical wood is pretty awesome, but it comes from overseas rainforests. That's a lot of carbon released, and the harvest is not always done properly.

Our Process

Here's what we bring to the table

Reasons You'll Love Americana

Eco Friendly

100% pure, natural wood, sustainably harvested from Pennsylvania's beautiful, vast forestland.

Low Maintenance

It's up to you! Either apply a UV protectant to maintain the exotic color, or let it silver naturally.

No Chemicals

Heat and steam...that's it. No plastic, oil, resin, wax, or additives. Americana is completely chemical-free and safe.

Premium Hardwood

This isn't your grandfather's pressure-treated pine, or your parents' plastic. It's the real deal: Ash, Oak, Poplar.

Exotic Appearance

Deep, luxurious brown with UV protectant or let the wood silver without. Simulated wood grain? Get real.

Easy Installation

Use off-the-shelf clips. Symmetrical profile. Structural end joint can be laid like flooring, suspended between joists.

Long Life

Class 1 durability. First class stability. This stuff isn't going anywhere.

Real Environmental Credentials

Imported species come from tropical rainforests. Americana keeps it local, ultra-low impact, and completely sustainable.


Inside Our Manufacturing Process


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